Monday, May 23, 2016

Goodbye Party

It is the tradition in this class to gather at house for a "despedida" or goodbye party in the class session during exam week.  This 2016 group kept the tradition! We had a potluck, with wonderful food reflecting the cultures the various students come from. Gloria Upchurch, the co-founder of the Olmoti Clinic, where we will be during the first week in Tanzania, was able to join us.  She brought along a lot of donated goods that need to be transported to Tanzania - birthing kits, donated glasses, toothpaste, and other medical supplies.  We're planning on checking the two bags apiece - of up to 50 pounds - that we're allowed so that we can take extra supplies.  In addition, we'll carry our video equipment - but most of that will be carry on.

L to R: Samantha Powell, Abene Clayton, Jumana Zahid, Brian Favorite

We all gathered around the table - and the food.  At one point, the conversation was going so fast that Brian Favorite observed, wryly, "Gee, it's too bad you guys don't get along!" This is a great group! Finally, we moved to the TV to see and discuss the close-to-final cut for one of the American Field Service (AFS) videos from this semester. We hope to hand over the AFS videos before we depart for Tanzania.
L to R: Kara De La Paz, Nick Chiang, Ashley Habr, Gloria Upchurch, Samantha Powell

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Wenni Donna said...

Such fantastic good bye party. I liked these party photos. At one of the local Los Angeles venues event venues we also would be hosting a farewell party for one of our roommates. She will be leaving for abroad in next year so we are planning the surprise party for her.