Thursday, May 26, 2016

BECA Graduation

Each year, the BECA Department holds its own graduation ceremony intended to complement the large university graduation. The BECA celebration occurred this afternoon, May 25th. Three students from the spring class preparing for the trip were at graduation: Kara De La Paz, Ashley Habr, and Jumana Zahid. Kara is a returning student who came back to SFSU to complete her degree after a number of years spent working and raising a family. Unfortunately, she will not be making the trip to Tanzania. Kara was one of the producers of the American Field Service videos. Ashley was the other producer for the spring semester. She will visit her extended family in Lebanon after she leaves Tanzania. Jumana, an editor for one of the AFS videos, is from Saudi Arabia. Enroute back to the U.S. from Tanzania, she will visit her home in Saudi Arabi. Her brother, a student at University of San Francisco, and her father attended the graduation.

L to R: Jumana Zahid, Kara De La Paz, Betsy Blosser and Ashley Habr

Also graduating were two students from last year's trip to Hyderabad, India. They are Lanica Garcia and Beau Mathews.

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