Monday, June 6, 2016

Finally, We're Off!

The group of nine met at SFO at 6:30 AM for the first leg of our flight.  It was great to check our bags – through to Arusha – as many of us were carrying two big bags with our own stuff, plus donations for the clinic and the school. It was a 16-hour flight, and the headwinds were with us, which reduced the length by about a half hour.  Etihad is a good airline – it even has good food – and they supply all passengers with neck pillows!  Beyond that, the flight was the flight.  Some people slept, but most of us watched movies or read. It was GREAT to finally land in Abu Dhabi, where the airlines provided us with a hotel rooms and meal vouchers because of the 20-hour layover.
L to R: Sami Powell, Abene Clayton, Ashley Habr, Nick Chiang, Jumana Zahid, Brian Favorite, Betsy Blosser, Ivan Ho and in back, Kamran Rathod  

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