Friday, June 17, 2016

First Shoot

Today was our first shooting day. We had three interviews: one with the Charles, the clinic’s lab technician; one with Ya-Ya, the Maasai woman who asked Gloria Upchurch and Diane Raleigh to found the clinic; and one with Zena, the midwife. What was so interesting about these interviews was that they had to be double-translated: from Ma (the language of the Maasai) to Swahili, and from Swahili to English.  Hassan, one of our drivers, did the translation from Swahili to English, and although he is pretty fluent in Ma as well, we asked a Maasai man to translate from Ma to Swahili.

L to R: Hassan (driver), Brian Favorite (hat), Ivan Ho, Jumana Zahid, Rachael Fitzpatrick and in front, Nick Chiang & Ashley Habr              
The students each have specific roles to perform within each video. Our writers, Nick Chiang and Abene Clayton, conducted the interviews.  Nick worked with Charles, and Abene worked with the two women. The translators were amazing!

It is always fun to watch the interviewing process. Today, however, it was more fun to watch the audience for the interviews – a group of Maasai men and women, sitting on benches dragged outside from the clinic, so they could have a full view. We all clapped at the end of each interview.
The audience.

On the ride back to our hostel, we spent part of the time brainstorming about how we could make sure that we get correct, word-for-word translations into English for the eventual subtitles. It’s best to do that here, before we leave Tanzania.

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